The Advantages of a Ductless HVAC System

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The pros of having ductless HVAC in the home. (Photo Credits)

When a homeowner is considering an upgrade of their HVAC System, a ductless one may come to mind.

The website The News says, ductless system is growing big in the United States as of late. Plumbing Association of San Diego         

“The ease of installation, both commercially and residentially, was a running theme among exhibitors and extended beyond just a singular zone. ‘We’re seeing a big shift from single-zone spot cooling and heating solutions to whole-home or whole-building solutions,’ said Erin Mezle, director of marketing, Fujitsu General America Inc. ‘With ductless systems, contractors can install more systems in less time, helping them to meet deadlines, stay under budget, and satisfy customers.’”

All about HVAC Upgrades

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The Benefits of a Ductless HVAC

The Carrier Enterprise highlighted the many advantages of a ductless HVAC. A/C And HVAC     

“Money plays a major role when consumers are contemplating an important purchase. You can begin by explaining that they will save money over time by deciding to install a ductless HVAC system. You can point out how ductless systems have the ability to run on much less power than ordinary systems because they are smaller and deliver air directly into a room.  By diving into more detail, you can explain that because they are ductless they also avoid energy losses that may come with ductwork of central forced air systems. It may also help to use some statistics such as, “These losses can be responsible for over 30% of energy consumption.” Overall you want your customer to understand that installing a ductless system essentially cuts costs and saves money over time.”

When Molds grow in the HVAC System

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Related HVAC and Plumbing Installation and Repair Services

The Mommy Memorandum also enumerated the many reasons why homeowners should seriously consider a ductless HVAC System for their home.

One issue with HVAC systems containing ducts is the poor air quality after a certain time. Even if you are constantly changing air filters, there is always a period where the filters contain too many dust or allergens. In contrast, ductless systems have a complex filtration process that almost completely eliminates these allergens or dust from your home’s air.”

Read more reasons here.

Ductless HVAC systems in the long run provide more savings, provide better indoor air quality and at the same time lesser carbon footprint compared to centralized air conditioning.

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Water Main Installation

Water Main Installation

Water Main Repair Installation San DiegoThe Water Main is a critical plumbing fixture in any property as it allows for the distribution of water within the whole plumbing system. When water flow is a problem in a home, and the homeowner is sure that there are no other concerns, then the slow flow or low water pressure can be attributed to an issue with the home’s Water Main.

In the San Diego Area, Blue Diamond Plumbing continues to provide Water Main Installation and repair services to homes who have encountered issues with their water main. Only expert plumbers should be tapped for such concern because a broken water main could give way to more plumbing problems that of course would entail a bigger expense.

Water Main Repair and Installation in an Older Home

If you live in an older home, chances are low water supply and low pressure can be attribute to a water main problem. And the bigger concern here is that this is an expense that no homeowner can escape from because it involves water supply in a home.

As soon as you suspect a problem with your water main, immediately get in touch with the experts and do not attempt to troubleshoot the problem yourself. Extensive training and specialized equipment is needed in replacing a home’s water main. And although it may cost you, tapping the services of a professional would mean an improved quality of water supply, and a better water flow in your home.

So as soon as you suspect problems in your water main, or you have come to the conclusion that you have to have a new one installed, call Blue Diamond Plumbing. We are a licensed, and fully insured company that provides warranty to the services that we render. We employ only professionals, that have underwent rigorous training so you can be sure each plumbing procedure carried out in your home is done so efficiently as our technicians only employ the latest industry techniques in going about their repair and installation projects. We also make sure that they will have access to the most modern plumbing equipment, materials and supplies. Call Blue Diamond Plumbing today.

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Trenchless Sewer Repair

Trenchless Sewer Repair

Trenchless Sewer RepairIf your property’s sewer lines are in need of repair, but you are thinking twice about the damage it may cause to your newly landscaped lawn or yard, then you may want to look into the Trenchless Sewer Repair services that we at Blue Diamond Plumbing offer.

With the latest techniques and most modern technological breakthroughs, we can now repair your home’s sewer pipe with very minimal damage to your lawn or yard. Unlike before when digging a trench is a must when it comes to repairing a sewer line, a Trenchless Repair Service will only require digging an start hole and an end hole so that our plumbing technicians can easily thread the new pipe through the old sewer pipes of your home.

This latest technology in essence no longer requires a physical replacement of the sewer pipes, which was the technique used many years back. Instead, a flexible piping system is threaded through the existing pipes that will soon replace the old pipes. It is basically relining the existing sewer piping system, with a new pipe that will replace it soon after the whole old system has been relined.

And with this technique, there will no longer be a need to dig trenches within your property which can cause more damage, more inconveniences, more man hours, and more expenses on your part as you will have to repair your current landscaping.

It will also lessen the hassle on your part of having to come home to a yard that has been dug through. Moreover, you and your neighbors will be spared of the noise that the digging will create.

At Blue Diamond Plumbing, you can be sure that we can carry out such task at minimal inconvenience to you as we work towards resolving your sewage line concern quickly and efficiently. And because we are a fully licensed and insured company and we provide warranty for the services that we render, you can be sure that you are getting the best plumbing services in the San Diego area.

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Sewer Line Repair

Sewer Line Repair

Sewer Drain Cleaning San DiegoHave you noticed an offensive odor in any area in your home that no matter what you do, continues to persist? It could be a tell-tale sign of a sewer problem that should be fixed as soon as possible.

Sewer lines are very critical in ensuring cleanliness and health safety in our home. When there is a problem such as a back-up, offensive odor, and waste water coming out of the lawn or in any part of the home (such as the basement), the problem could be more complicated, and will take more resources in order to resolve.

As the Sewage Repair Experts in the San Diego area, we at Diamond Plumbing assure you that the moment our technicians arrive at your location, procedures will be efficiently carried out to detect sewage concerns and present you ways to address the concern.

Sewage problems should never be ignored as these can further escalate into more expensive plumbing problems that could have been prevented if routine maintenance, or immediate plumbing service has been carried out. As it is, sewage line problems could be the most expensive plumbing detail to resolve, so it is better to act on it as soon as you suspect a problem.

Expert Sewer Line Repair Service

Usual causes of sewer problems are blockages in the sewer system. Non-biodegradable items that find its way to sewer lines like children’s toys are usual cause of sewer back-ups and blockages. Huge tree roots also affect sewer lines, and it crossing against the sewer pipes could cause cracks ad leakages that damage a home’s sewer system.

We at Blue Diamond Plumbing employ state of the art technology complemented by modern techniques to immediately evaluate your sewer line problem, recommend possible solutions, and carry these out quickly and efficiently.

To avoid more expensive repairs and sewage line concerns, schedule a periodic maintenance check. And at the first sign of a sewage line concern immediately call us up for technical assistance.

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Hot Water Heater

Hot Water Heater Repair, Installation, and Upgrade

Heating San DiegoHot Water has been a necessity in a household or a business’ day-to-day operations. In a home it is needed in the bathroom, in the kitchen, and in the laundry area, such that it is an essential part of everyday living.

When something goes wrong with the water heater, everyone in the household is affected especially during the winter season. A simple routine maintenance check can prevent problems from escalating, and can keep repair or replacement costs at bay. As the experts in water heater repair and installation in the San Diego area, we guarantee that we could carry out these services quickly and with no hassle on your part.

We at Blue Diamond Plumbing have been providing water heater installation, repair, and upgrade services to residents of San Diego for the longest time. We have installed different brands, and mainly work on two types which is the standard water heater system and the tank-less water heater.

If you are considering to upgrade your current standard water heater into a tank-less system, you can immediately call us up for a free no obligation estimate, and a walk through on the various advantages of having a tank-less water heater system.

For one, the tank-less system is more energy efficient, and is more eco-friendly. In the long run it is also less expensive to run compared to its old school counterpart. But whatever system you prefer, now that Blue Diamond Plumbing has the expertise to repair, install or upgrade your current home water heating system.

Avoid further problems in your water heating system

Undetected problems in a home’s water heating system can get complicates and may give way to more issues and expenses. There are signs that indicate a problem in the water heating system and these include: (1) lower supply of hot water; (2) Unstable hot water temperature that vary throughout use; (3) Discolored and foul-smelling water; (4) leaks surrounding the water heater tank; (5) The water heater seems to take longer to re-supply the tank with hot water.

Once these issues surface, then there is already a sizeable concern in your home’s water heating system. This could of course merit repairs, replacement, and even total upgrade. To avoid further problems, a home must invest in routine water heater maintenance checks that could help detect issues earlier, minimizing damage and expenses on the part of the homeowner.

We at Blue Diamond Plumbing offer affordable periodic maintenance packages, as well as free estimates for water heater installation services or upgrades. So for any concern that you may encounter with your water heating system, do not hesitate to immediately get in touch with us.

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Leak Detection

Ace Rancho Bernardo PlumberIf your water bills have escalated lately without any changes in your household’s consumption or water usage patterns, then you may be having an undetected water leak somewhere in your water line. It is important to detect water leakage as soon as you can to prevent further unnecessary expenses in utility bills and at the same time, to help conserve water.

Other tell-tale signs of undetected water leakage is a muddy or watery lawn in the middle of the summer or dry season, or low water flow.

We at Blue Diamond Plumbing can help you detect water leaks within your home using the most modern and non-invasive technology that will help us pin-point problem areas within your plumbing sytem. Our plumbing professionals have been well trained to detect water leakages using breakthrough technologies that will not damage your home flooring system, or even your current landscape.

Most Modern Technology for Leak Detection

At present, we use a coaxial camera that our expert plumbers thread into your water pipes to detect the source of leakage. This procedure will not require digging that may damage any part of your home, unlike before when leak detection is almost manually being carried out.

After conducting our thorough leak detection procedure, our plumbers will the brief you about the existing status of your water line, what options are available to you to remedy the situation, and walk you through the option you think is best for your current situation considering your budget and other factors that you as a homeowner consider as you come up with your decision.

As the leak detection experts in the San Diego area, you can be sure that leak detection and repair services in your home will be carried out quickly and efficiently. We are licensed, fully insured, and we offer warranty for all the services that we have rendered.

So when you suspect water leak in your home, call us up right away.

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Emergency Plumbing

Ace Lakeside Plumber

Plumbing Emergencies can take place anytime, and it is important for any household to have a stand-by emergency plumber that they can call on when plumbing issues arise.

Blue Diamond Plumbing can be tapped anytime, anywhere via our 24 hours a day, seven days a week hotline. Our Emergency Plumbing services are available anytime of the day, any day of the week, even weekends and holidays. Upon receiving your call, we will immediately dispatch one of our professional expert plumbers to your location, and he should arrive in your location within 60 minutes.

We have been serving the San Diego community for the longest time, and we are proud to say that we have encountered almost all types of plumbing emergencies, and our expert and well-trained plumbers have all been able to correct these issues.

Our team arrives at your location fully prepared for the task at hand, as we see to it that our Licensed Plumbers are fully equipped with the most modern plumbing tools, and that they have access to a wide array of plumbing supplies and materials that will guarantee A1 work and outcome.

Worry-Free Emergency Plumbing Services

We are fully licensed and insured too, so there is no risk at all in contracting our services. We also offer a service warranty so should anything go wrong with the emergency repair that we carried out, you can always call us up and we will gladly arrive in your location at once to rectify issues if need be.

So once you encounter a plumbing emergency such as a major water leak, a pipe burst, a drainage or sewer problem, or toilet back-up do not hesitate to call us up, we can even guide you on what you can do while waiting for our plumber to arrive to minimize the damages of the major plumbing emergency that you are currently encountering.

So call us up anytime, and save our hotline number in your phone for your emergency reference.

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